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Video Transcription

I found Dr. Rudd through Dr. Steven Roholt, who was the previous oral surgeon at this office. And for a few years, Dr. Rudd and Dr. Roholt worked together. And so I've been working with Dr. Rudd for many years. What impresses me about working with Dr. Rudd is that he is very kind and thorough, and he is an excellent clinician who does excellent work, and I've been working with him for over 10 years, so I'm a pretty good judge of that. I'm very comfortable referring to Dr. Rudd because I know he will take really good care of my patients and that they will get the best possible care. I have referred patients to Dr. Rudd for wisdom, tooth extractions for implants, implant placement and for various other oral surgery needs. I would definitely recommend that other dentists refer to Dr. Rudd because he always does an excellent job and he is very easy to communicate with and work with. What I would say to someone who is in need of an oral surgeon, an oral surgery services, I would say you should definitely go to Dr. Rudd's office. Everything will go really well and smoothly, and you'll be happy with the result.

Video Transcription

Many years ago, I met up with Dr. Rudd to review a case of an adopted girl who needed a lot of dentistry. Because of his compassionate care and understanding, I really developed a great love for working with Dr. Rudd. While working with Dr. Rudd. I was impressed with his ability to get back to me regarding information. His willingness to share, make observations to enhance the patient's care. And his overall demeanor with the patients and with the patients and families. When I refer patients to Dr. Rudd, I am comfortable knowing that he is going to work with me for the patient's best outcome. Communicate to the patient and the parents the treatment needs. And go above and beyond to work with them in financial matters, scheduling and also work with any other dental providers or medical providers this patient may see. I highly recommend Dr. Travis Rudd to work with other dental professionals for interdisciplinary care. I think he is insightful, a team player, and will communicate to other dental professionals, as well as medical professionals if those are involved.